Cape Point Tours, Observing the Cape Town baboons.

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Cape Point Tours, Baboons

As our tours travel along the Cape Town coast on our way to Cape Point, we might encounter one of the most menacing creatures in Cape Town, the baboons. The specific species of baboons found along Cape Point and around Cape Town is the Chacma Baboon. They are a protected species around these areas. Every now and again during our Cape Point Tours they make an appearance!

Many towns we drive through during our Cape Point tours along the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town have the local baboons running around freely, causing quite a bit of trouble wherever they go. Scarborough, Simons Town, Cape Point and Kommetjie are but a few of the towns where the local residents keep a constant eye out for the ever-ready baboons.

Cape Point and the vegetation growing in the area provide juicy roots for the baboons. They also eat small insects, fruits, and unfortunately food given to them by humans. This is highly illegal and should be reported if noticed on any Cape Point tours. Any baboons found in or around Cape Town should never be interacted with.

Baboons are fun to watch and usually get a few smiles and laughter going. Don’t be fooled by them though! They are very much aware of car doors, windows and even sunroofs! The closer we get to the lighthouse on Cape Point tours, the more the baboons warning signs appear. Residents living in Cape Town are well aware of the quick movements of these furry creatures, but tourist regularly get caught with an open car window while taking a photo!

Never walk around with visible food in an area where baboons could be walking around. They will be on you in seconds, and they don’t ask, they just take! This is where the dangers in meeting baboons creep in. An international film company shooting in Cape Town and Cape Point once handed baboons food to get a certain shot of them. The Cape Town residents were furious at this and the local council actually revoked their shooting licence.

Whenever you come across baboons in Cape Town, or during Cape Point tours, please respect them and keep your distance. Remember that WE are the visitors in THEIR home. Never feed baboons as they could become aggressive. The baboons rule the mountainous areas of Cape Town and stop at nothing to get a bite to eat. At Cape Point itself and along the entire route to the tip, one will notice the constant signs and postings warning of baboons.

Many eager and excited tourists tend to feed it for the fun of bringing them closer to their vehicles. This is in fact dangerous and highly illegal. Baboons are a protected species in Cape Town and Cape Point. Human interaction and feeding should be kept to a minimum, if at all. During Cape Point tours you might find many cars and tour buses stopping in their tracks to watch the groups of baboons going about their day.

For the lucky guests on our Cape Point tours, we might just encounter a pack of these baboons, where one can view them from up close as they explore our vehicle and the treasures it might hold. Be careful though, they know how to open car doors! Baboons can create havoc when they enter a vehicle or get their hands on some prized possession like a handbag or camera bag. They simply won't let go, and trying to retrieve it might just land you in a chase with a pack of baboons!


Cape Team Tours, The baboons of Cape Town
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