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The Two Oceans Myth at Cape Point

Cape Point is commonly mistaken as the meeting points of the two oceans flanking the coasts of Cape Town and South Africa. The geographical meeting point is in fact Cape Agulhas, the most southern tip on the continent of Africa. Our full day Cape Point tours of The Peninsula does not include a stop at the south point at Cape Agulhas due to the fact that it's more than a two hour drive, but if you would like to include in in one of our tours, please let us know!

The cold benguela current is found along the west coast of South Africa and Cape Town, where the East coast is where the warm Agulhas flows Southwards. The Benguela current is cold, because it is coming from the south pole, where the warm Agulhas current comes from the warm equator. During our Cape Point tours, every drop of Ocean you see is geographically Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean cannot even be seen from Cape Point. The effect of the two oceans around Cape Point and Cape Town however, plays a big role in the marine life.

In 1938 Cape Point was declared a nature reserve. Then, in 1998 it formed part of The Cape Peninsula National Park of Cape Town. In 2004 the name changed to Table Mountain National Park. It is just under 8000 hectares and filled with very rich flower and wildlife. Today Cape Point forms part of one of The Floral Kingdoms of the world which makes Cape Point tours a truly unique experience.

Cape Point tours take you to the Lighthouse at Cape Point. This is one of many hiking routes along The Cape Peninsula, and if you wish to do a few of them, then let us know so we can arrange some hiking tours for you.

The other main lookout points at Cape Point is Cape Maclear and Cape of Good Hope. At the Southern point of Cape Point the cliffs reach a height of up to 200 metres. The famous Southeaster Wind which has a repution in Cape Town can be heard and seen regularly during our Cape Point Tours.

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