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The Winds of Cape Point

Cape Town is home to The Cape Doctor – the blistering winds channelling through the mountainous areas have many Cape Town residents and visitors running for cover. Gail force winds of 70 km and more are very common and sometimes during our Cape Point Tours our guests get to meet The Cape Doctor, especially during the South African Spring season which lasts from September to December.

The winds of Cape Town and Cape Point has become such a trademark that the early Portuguese Sailors named Cape Town the Cape of Storms before they called it The Cape of Good Hope. Ships around Cape Point really struggled with the strong winds and massive waves and many met their doom around these coasts.

Shipwreck tours are available during our Cape Point tours for those who would like to view one of the more recent doomed ships up close.

Apart from the factual, recorded windy stories there are also the legendary stories of the Cape Town winds. That is the story of Van Hunks who had a pipe smoking battle with the devil on Devils Peak.

Today, when the strong afternoon winds arrive and the clouds roll in to cover Table Mountain, the Cape Town residents refer to Van Hunks smoking his pipe again. On some Cape Point tours guests will spot some windsurfers or kitesurfers in the Cape Point park. The miles of open beaches and strong winds provide a perfect playground for these types of activities.

Cape Horn is the most Southern tip found on the continent of South America. This is officially the windiest place on earth with Cape Point being the second. Hang on to those hats and bags when making your way to the Lighthouse on our Cape Point Tours as the winds of Cape Town can arrive within minutes without any warnings.

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